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PSR ScratchBond Part 1 (Chameleon Black Shown) & ScratchCure Sealer Part 2

This product is designed to eliminate touch up blob and quickly hide/remove surface scratches, and rock chips. You can use part 2 alone for minor damage, but when using part 1, you MUST use part 2 to seal part 1.
Our product is being used in multiple states and new car dealerships such as Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Mercedes, GMC, Buick, and others.
The average time of scratch removal is generally under 1 minute. Any of your detailers can learn this in just a few hours of practice. You don't need to learn to high speed buff, be an artist with touchup brushes, use wet sanding, tape and mask the vehicle, spray paint and so on.
Paintless Scratch Repair technology means our technicians don't spray paint so our customers can enjoy fast, on the spot repairs that don't require the car to be at the body shop for days on end.
Our propriety Scratch-Filler Chameleon Black can be used on approximately 70% of all vehicles. There is no color mixing, no color matching, NOPE! Our Scratch-Filler Chameleon Black will fix scratches on red, black, grays, greens and so many other darker shade vehicles.

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We have isolated all the properties of PSR. PSR is ScratchBond (part 1) colorless and clear. This way you can turn touch up into PSR and eliminate the blob.

Clearguard Armor

2 part ceramic matrix coating with an average half-life of 5 years.
Our product is super durable, super glossy and super hydrophobic.
You don’t need special booths, respirators or heat to use our ceramic coating.
Application is relatively fast and easy.
Clearguard Armor can be applied to your vehicle without leaving tape lines like plastic adhesive films. Our 2 Part Ceramic Matrix Coating is extremely resilient, durable and super phobic against oils, acids, coffee, wine, dirt, paint, bacteria, molds and water.
Our coatings are environmentally harmless and non-toxic, easy to clean using only water, and carry a half life of 5 years.
Once cured Clearguard Armor Ceramic increases the surface hardness to that of Tungsten or Titanium, 9 on the hardness scale just one hardness away from diamond. Currently 99% of vehicles such as Nissan, Ford, Chevy have a paint hardness of 2 to 6.
Non-toxic, Non-solvent, Clearguard Armor will not yellow or fade offering excellent UV resistance.
Once cured Clearguard Armor Ceramic decreases the chances of scratch damage.

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PSR Pro-Shine (Polish Shine Restore)

PSR Pro-Shine Polish is perfect for removing fine scratches, swirl marks and even oxidation. Restore full gloss and enjoy that “like-new” paint gloss shine.
Removes swirl marks
Removes minor paint defects
A little goes a long way
Workable without drying and turning to dust
Contains no silicone, waxes, or fillers
Improves gloss
Clear coat safe.
USE: Wash, clay, polish with PSR, protect with Clearguard Armor, or S&P 365, or any wax.

Shine & Protect 365

Shine and Protect 365 is fantastic for newer vehicles and just prepped vehicles. It helps keep them looking new for much longer. It also sets you up for repeat business.
Most vehicles new or not will likely need a good wash, clay and a polishing with Pro-Shine PSR before applying the S&P 365. The reason it is called shine and protect, you must shine the car first. Prepare it with a wash, clay and polish it, then protect it by applying the S&P 365. If the vehicle is dull, faded, damaged with scratches, needs PSR, full buffing and so on, that is all extra. With the 1 year S&P 365 you wash the car, clay it then buff shine it with our Pro-Shine polish, then protect the finish for an entire year with S&P 365.

Headlightlight Restoration - Go Bag

We've all seen them on the street and in parking lots. They're a sore sight during the day and they hinder sight at night. What are they? They're clouded, yellowing headlight lenses, and a surprising number of cars suffer from them.
The purpose of this article is to give car owners useful information about this condition and to describe an effective method of remedying it.
Clouded, yellowing headlight lenses afflict millions of cars on the road today. Clouded, yellowing headlight lenses are not only detrimental to the appearance of the car, but can also dim the headlights significantly enough to become a safety concern at night.
The cause of the yellowing is constant exposure to damaging sunlight, air pollution, dust, and other contaminants. Over time, these elements can wreak havoc on the plastic headlight lenses of most modern cars and trucks.
The good news is that the damage to these plastic lenses is not irreversible
Car owners can now have their headlights back to a sparkling shine in no time.
In the past, automakers designed headlight lenses made from glass so they were limited in the size and shape they could produce. Since then, auto manufacturers began designing cars with plastic or polycarbonate headlight lenses. This modification mainly occurred due to the change in the design of cars---cars became lighter and more aerodynamic, plus plastic was by far less expensive to produce than glass.
Today this plastic material is the chosen choice because it is very light and can be transformed into unlimited sizes and shapes to satisfy new car designs.
Polycarbonate has its advantages but also has its disadvantages---namely oxidation/discoloration. To the naked eye one cannot tell that these plastic lenses are actually a porous material that expands ever so slightly when it gets hot. Degradation of the lens occurs over time. Having your headlights on or being exposed to the heat of the day causes the pores to open allowing debris from the road to get in. Debris, together with a combination of environmental factors such as the sun (UV rays), smog, acid rain, car exhaust, and harsh chemicals used to wash you car can cause the plastic headlight lenses to become oxidized.
Plastic oxidation leads to lens discoloration, which transforms new, clear, bright, shiny plastic to a dull yellow tint that appears to be foggy, hazy, or cloudy. This process (oxidation), as described above, not only becomes an eyesore but also is unsafe. Because of the degradation of the plastic lens, less light passed through resulting in diminished visibility during night driving. The car owner either had to deal with these cloudy yellow, oxidized headlight lenses posing serious safety issues or purchase expensive replacement headlights costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Customer testimonials

Dear Fellow Detail Shop Owner

I am the owner of a thriving detail business and have owned multiple detail businesses over the last 20 years.
I now average forty thousand monthly from one location. And fifteen thousand of that is the easiest scratch repair business
that even a new kid could master with a few hours of training. Yes I did okay before, I was bringing in almost
twenty-five thousand monthly washing, waxing, and detailing vehicles.

I have 7 full-time employees located at a new car dealership, but every vehicle takes time, we could only do so many daily,
so it was almost impossible to do more than twenty-five thousand. My take home yearly was around $100K, but I wanted more.

Three years ago the shop added paintless scratch repair, it wasn’t until then that I realized how hard I had been working to
generate that monthly income. Well, the first year I added $170 thousand with PSR, with virtually zero additional overhead
and an average cost of less than $2.00 per vehicle. I could hardly believe the numbers, a 60% increase in business without
advertising or adding a single employee. I now look over each vehicle that enters my wash bays and detailing bays and when
I find scratches I tell the customer. I am earning between $60 and $400 per vehicle for only minutes of work.

The best part, people want the damage fixed! They just didn’t know there was an alternative to the body shop or blob-on touch up paint.

Once we explain how the system works, we find that a majority of customers are eager to get the damage removed.
We have seen an immediate increase in our bottom line by offering Paintless scratch repair and my take home pay increased
by 1.5 times. So in my opinion, it is absolutely the best $3,600 dollars I have ever spent.

John F.

Customer testimonials


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