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Some facts about us

Zero Recurring Fees
Dealers Worldwide
Used by Ford, Chevy, VW
many others+
1000s Vehicles Repaired

I Started As A Detailer & Spent Over A Decade Formulating Paintless Scratch Repair

Dozens of formula variations later and thousands of tests,
you can now reap the rewards of my hard work.

Founder Inventor CEO: Craig Perry

USA 48 State Territory Dealer Licensee


As a dealer licensee you are able to work anywhere in the lower 48 states.
Dealers are licensed to use the dealer PSR logo.
Only dealers are authorized to effect repairs using PSR products.
We do not sell these products retail.
There are many benefits once you become a dealer:

Each dealer package includes enough PSR to return your investment.

The ROI is incredible

Included with your dealer license are all the products and tools you will need to start earning immediately.
What else will you need, basic supplies such as business cards and a phone number.

We are the only manufacturer in the world for PSR.

Licensee Options

$2999 down $0 monthly This package receives these bonuses Bonuses

Foreign Master Dealer

Many Countries Available

Australia, England, Germany. As of February 2016 Master Dealerships,
Private Label, and Bulk rights are available in many countries.

Bottle under your trade name, in your country. Enjoy 800% or more profit.

You will have the exclusive rights to your territory.

As a Master Dealer you own all sales rights to your country. You sell PSR under our brand. You can run your business as you see fit. Of course you must not do anything to damage our reputation or brand. Set your own pricing, decide if you will sell dealer packages or maybe start a franchise scratch repair service. It is completely up to you.
You get 30% off our retail pricing and you can sell for any amount you like.
Resell as many Dealer licenses as you like, sell each one for $1,000 or $10,000 or more. Start a franchise and sell upwards of $40,000 each. As a Master dealer you simply order case quantities from our shipping facility, and resell in your country.
You can also take it up a notch and private label. Create your own label, name and logo for part 1 and part 2. And you can even take this further by purchasing in bulk. With our bulk bottling rights you can order bulk quanties from us, and bottle them under your trade name within your country.

Private Label (USA & Foreign Countries)

Use Your Brand and Label

When you private label our products you look like the manufacturer. We stay silently in the back. We provide you support and guidance to help get your business going.

You are the creator - owner.

We act as your supplier

If you own a supply company that sells to car dealers or detailers then private labeling maybe for you. Or maybe you just want your business to look large, or plan on starting a chain of auto scratch clinics, there are many reasons for private labeling. You choose the bottle, label design, name, logo, colors and decide the look of "your" products. Place your orders with us as usual and we ship your order with your labels.

Private labeling isn’t just for large clients, retail stores, detailers and other organizations can use private labeling to add that extra touch of personalization. Private labeling benefits everybody involved: Create a superior product to achieve distribution with your already established brand name It enables you to add another useful and profitable product to your line-with your name brand on it. One of the best reasons for private labeling, you are insuring all customer and distributor referrals go directly to your company. You determine how much we do for you in the design and production process. We can do the total label and box design for you, you can provide finished labels and boxes, or anything in between. Our policy is simple: all items relating to private labeling (boxes, labels, etc.) are to paid in advance by the customer and will be stored at our packaging and labeling facility. Labels and boxes may also be provided by the customer, as long as they are the same size as the labels and boxes we use and are compatible with our labeling machines. Please contact us dimensions and specifications. Since private labels and boxes are prepaid, the cost of our labels will be deducted from the price of the item when ordered. By doing this, private labeling costs no more than using our brand names and allows us to keep our packaging and labeling costs to a minimum. For pricing information, please fill out our distributor information request form.

Reseller & Or Affiliate

Stay home and Collect Commissions and Residual Income

Sell in multiple channels, TV, Radio, Newspaper, Postcards, Direct Mail, Door to Door, Telephone and more.

You get the leads and send them to our sales page/funnel.

We sell you get commissions

With a 15% commission you can earn over $500 on a typical dealer full sale. Concentrate over seas and earn $1,800 up to $5,000 per sale. You need to register the client as your lead and we do the selling. Simply collect the name, phone number and any other information and pass it to us and we will do the rest. Or send the potential customer to our customized landing page, exclusively for your leads. What could be easier? We must inspect and approve all marketing messages before use. We can help you get quality leads, and not just bulk leads that really have no interest and waste everyone's time. We will show you how to have the prospect jump through hoops to prove he is a good prospect. Sales tools are available.

Get All The Facts! Videos & Information Kit Available FREE!

Customer testimonials

Dear Fellow Detail Shop Owner

I am the owner of a thriving detail business and have owned multiple detail businesses over the last 20 years.
I now average forty thousand monthly from one location. And fifteen thousand of that is the easiest scratch repair business
that even a new kid could master with a few hours of training. Yes I did okay before, I was bringing in almost
twenty-five thousand monthly washing, waxing, and detailing vehicles.

I have 7 full-time employees located at a new car dealership, but every vehicle takes time, we could only do so many daily,
so it was almost impossible to do more than twenty-five thousand. My take home yearly was around $100K, but I wanted more.

Three years ago the shop added paintless scratch repair, it wasn’t until then that I realized how hard I had been working to
generate that monthly income. Well, the first year I added $170 thousand with PSR, with virtually zero additional overhead
and an average cost of less than $2.00 per vehicle. I could hardly believe the numbers, a 60% increase in business without
advertising or adding a single employee. I now look over each vehicle that enters my wash bays and detailing bays and when
I find scratches I tell the customer. I am earning between $60 and $400 per vehicle for only minutes of work.

The best part, people want the damage fixed! They just didn’t know there was an alternative to the body shop or blob-on touch up paint.

Once we explain how the system works, we find that a majority of customers are eager to get the damage removed.
We have seen an immediate increase in our bottom line by offering Paintless scratch repair and my take home pay increased
by 1.5 times. So in my opinion, it is absolutely the best $3,600 dollars I have ever spent.

John F.

Customer testimonials


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