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1. Cars & Trucks

Vehicle protection is a growing market and projected to more than triple over the next decade.
2. RV's.

Clearguard Armor Ceramic coatings protect RV's from that ugly faded look. Keeps them shiney for years with much less work and effort!
3. Boats

Stops barnacile growth 100%. Keep boats protected from salt water and keeps them shiney for years with much less work and effort!
4. Aircraft

Aircraft are very expensive to maintain so any product that will keep maintence costs low is a real winner!


  1. Professional Superphobic Products
  2. 2 Year, 5 Year and 8 Year Protection
  3. Very High ROI
  4. Professional Marketing
  5. Full-Time Support
  6. We Help You Grow
  7. Exceptional Dealer Service & Support
  8. Part & Full Time Work From Home or Store
  9. Bug Splat & Bird Droppings Can Stay For Weeks Without Damage
  10. Extremely Hard Shell Protects Against Scratching
  11. Low Pricing, Cost Per Vehicle Is Between $50 - $115. You can retail for $399 to $799 or any price you like.
"Setting up an CGA business through PSR was the best decision we ever made. we have more customers then we can handle."

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Super-Hydrophobic, Scratch Resistant Nanotechnology Coatings Are The Future

Our Super-Hydrophobic, Super Glossy, Scratch Resistant Glass Nano Coatings are state-of-the-art highly advanced shell coating system designed to protect the surfaces of automotive, marine, aerospace and industrial vehicles. CGA is extremely resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature, while providing an incredible level of surface gloss! Our Super-Hydrophobic coatings have been tested under the harshest conditions and proven to perform as well or better than what we describe.
Our CGA Coatings can be applied to metal, plastic, powder coat, paint, and virtually any hard substrate. Once applied will form a permanent protective barrier. Extremely resilient, optically transparent shell with high impact protection. This very durable and “hard” coating is achieved by creating a nano matrix shell that is also flexible.

How does CGA work?
Because the formula contains both Hydrophobic and Oleophobic properties. CGA will shed water, chemicals, oils and even bird and bug splat or simply prevent them from permeating the shell. it’s application to vehicle paintwork will give you that “super hydrophobic” sheeting effect, along with superior scratch & abrasion resistance. CGA Part-1 and CGA Part-2 Pro are both designed to provide protection and gloss that will surpass even the most damanding clients expectations.

The CGA System provides superior protection with an ultra high gloss, and long lasting results! Expect over 2 years from the consumer grade Part-1, over 5 years with the Professional grade Part-2, and over 8 years of water and dirt repelling and water cleaning capabilities when you apply Part-2 over Part-1.
Once cured Clearguard Armor Ceramic increases the surface hardness to that of Tungsten or Titanium, 9 on the hardness scale just one hardness away from diamond . Currently your paint hardness is 2 to 6.
The performance of the product speaks for itself. At PSR, we continue to bring you the best of the best products. Products that you can use as a service in your community.
There are many more uses for these products than for cars, trucks and RV's. You can use them in your house, office, hotel, boat, helicopter, and other locations and vehicles. You can use them on shower glass, countertops (food approved), plastic, metal and many other surfaces. The list is endless. If you are interested in purchasing or trying the CGA Coating, please contact Craig and we can meet – on Skype or talk on the phone.
If you would like to try our CGA before joining us ask about ordering a sample kit of our CGA Coating products. Our latest price list is available too.

Please note: We can private labeling for as little as 24 bottles. We can provide custom-designed labels with your brand that you can call your own.

Why should you consider using CGA Coatings?

I have been in the detailing trade for a few decades now and have seen many products come and go. We have been following the coatings industry in Japan for many years. It is almost 50 times larger there then in the USA.
But if the past is any indicator, we will catch up and surpass Japan in market size in the next ten years.
Our Paintless Scratch Repair business puts us directly in the path of 100’s of very experienced detailers weekly. Listening to them tell us horror stories about how poorly many of these “other” ceramic coating products under performed, plus the extreme difficulty of installation, we found that many had just quit using coating.
We contracted with the top supplier in Japan to formulate a very amazing coating. Finally after testing we are ready to roll out our non-toxic, non-solvent, non-yellowing, UV protecting nano glass coating.
With hundreds of tests on boats, cars and trucks we can report that our ceramic coating is simple to install, no respirators, no heat lamps, none of the major problems most coating have.
Detailer have enough to endure while building their business, we were compelled to do something about it. No more super high prices, or crappy results. In my opinion the “other” ceramic auto body coatings on the market have failed in many ways. From the way the products failed to work correctly to the controlling every aspect of how you conducted your businesses, to the wild claims they cannot or will not back up with data. IT is the typical “smoke and mirrors” of the chemical industry.

On the bright side we have solved many of these problems.
Did you know that most of the ceramic coatings on the market use harsh solvents in their coating?

Are almost impossible to use in high heat or humidity and smell terribly? Most of them also require special, air conditioned booths and very expensive heat lamps to cure the coatings. They also recommend 7-10 layers to become scratch resistant and charge the installers $200 to $400 per bottle. Many of these coating companies do not support their dealers very well, yet require special training and certification before they will even sell the products to them. Did you know that many of the coating companies also dictate what the detailers charge per customer and impose other restrictions on them as well? This is all true.
Professional detailers have it tough enough and should not have to deal with all of these useless rules. It is way too much for them to endure product failures, product confusion, multiple yearly price changes and other arbitrary, expensive and over-the-top requirements that only makes it more difficult for them to make a profit.
We simply offer a better product with better service, our customers ultimately win as well their customers. Since CGA dealers install a high quality, high gloss, scratch resistant, super-hydrophobic glass coating on their customers vehicles that will last for years, everybody wins.
Once people find out about our product and test it, they are immediately hooked. They can charge what ever they want for their work and we will provide all of the product support and attention they need from us. Our CGA team grows every day around the globe and we want you on our team as well.


Become A Clearguard Armor Dealer

Clearguard Armor

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2 part ceramic matrix coating with an average half-life of 5 years.
Our product is super durable, super glossy and super hydrophobic.
You don’t need special booths, respirators or heat to use our ceramic coating.
Application is relatively fast and easy.
Clearguard Armor can be applied to your vehicle without leaving tape lines like plastic adhesive films. Our 2 Part Ceramic Matrix Coating is extremely resilient, durable and super phobic against oils, acids, coffee, wine, dirt, paint, bacteria, molds and water.
Our coatings are environmentally harmless and non-toxic, easy to clean using only water, and carry a half life of 5 years.
Once cured Clearguard Armor Ceramic increases the surface hardness to that of Tungsten or Titanium, 9 on the hardness scale just one hardness away from diamond. Currently 99% of vehicles such as Nissan, Ford, Chevy have a paint hardness of 2 to 6.
Non-toxic, Non-solvent, Clearguard Armor will not yellow or fade offering excellent UV resistance.
Once cured Clearguard Armor Ceramic decreases the chances of scratch damage.

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