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Some facts about us

Zero Recurring Fees
Dealers Worldwide
Used by Ford, Chevy, VW
many others+
1000s Vehicles Repaired

With your dealer license you'll have access to many benefits

and many revenue streams.

Starting A Paintless Scratch Repair Dealership
Using Our Step By Step Program...... It's As Easy As Eating A Sandwich!

FREE products are included, hurry this offer won't last!

All packages include many benefits in the long list of items below.

  • For years before we invented PURE or offered colors, as a PSR technician I offered my services for dark color vehicles only. I always had more than enough work. I would drive thru parking lots and look for dark cars. Dark red, green, blue, and black. I would write a note on the back of our half page color brochure. The note was a proposal to fix the vehicle for $x. I started running small advertisements in local coupon shoppers, and direct mail coupon books. Every $100 I spent returned $1000 in sales.

    All this information is spelled out in detail and includes ready-made brochures, articles and ads for you to copy.

  • $2999 ($149 yearly wholesale license renewal) This package receives these bonuses
  • You receive enough ScratchBond Chameleon to fix 600 scratches
  • Plus enough ScratchCure Sealer to seal 600 scratches
  • PSR "PURE" - Mix with any base paint factory touch up to create perfect match PSR

  • We offer payments.
    Put $1500 down and $220 per month for 8 months. (Total package cost $3260)

    Pay in full.... Use Paypal to complete your order and we will get you started within days.

    Choose Package

    You can start repairing scratches immediately. If you charge as our other dealers charge you can bring back your dealer licensee fee and more quickly. You are practically guaranteed to get your original investment returned. We can not make income guarantees, but the simple math of $60 first scratch and $20 each additional scratch or $199 for the whole car is easy to figure.
    We actually charge $399 for the whole car but have a 50% special

    We use small cheap advertisements in local coupon shoppers to generate over $4000 monthly in call in sales.

    Some Of The Many Benefits


  • Training Manuals - Step by step manuals
  • Video Training - Basic training
  • We are here to help you succeed.

  • Support

  • We know support is very important. You can get support many ways
  • Live Phone Help
  • Email Support
  • Skype Support

  • Revenue Streams

    It is very important for your business and your future that you have products that people want and are willing to spend money on. NOTE* Not all products are included with the Dealer package
  • First and foremost scratch repair should be your bread and butter
  • As a licensed PSR dealer you will offer (from the start), scratch repair.
  • You can also offer -
  • ClearGuard Armor Super-hydrophobic Super glossy Ceramic Coating - Customers throw money at you. See All Products Here

  • Marketing & Sales Materials

  • Without compelling marketing you simply do not have a business. I see many companies selling income opportunities, but they forget the most important thing. Without a steady stream of new customers you are sunk before you launch.
  • The Sales Success Manual covers everything from selecting your target niche to crafting your elevator speach
  • Brochures - You need clear, clean, professional fliers
  • Calling Scripts - Know what you are going to say
  • No cost or inexpensive ways to market your business

  • Other Benefits

  • A complete income generating opportunity.
  • As a licensed dealer you can work anywhere within the lower 48 states
  • Use the PSR dealer logo and the CGA dealer logo to show you are a dealer
  • No commercial location needed - Go to your customers
  • Practically ZERO overhead
  • We show you how to get a Toll free 800 to make you look even bigger
  • No fee credit card acceptance - no credit check either. Accept credit cards on your smart phone
  • The Bidding & Estimating training manual
  • Online 24/7 re-ordering
  • New products are being developed - as a dealer you will have access to these products
  • Within a few months you will be known as the "Scratch Restoration Specialist"
  • Earn $up to hundreds of dollars per hour part-time
  • Work the hours you want! One day, or 7 days it is completely up to you
  • You won't be tied down to a 9 to 5, vacation or go away whenever you like
  • Take your scratch repair kit with you in your RV and earn huge doing quick repairs across the country
  • Pick and choose what type of repairs you want to do or do them all!

  • You may cancel your subscription/installment payments at any time. We do not offer refunds on cancelled subscriptions/installments. We offer 30 day returns on defective product. We will replace any product deemed to be defective by Scratch911, inc. Please call us and tell us what product(s) are defective. Once we approve the return send the products back and your replacements will be on the way. If you cancel or stop your subscription/installment payments before completion of all payments your wholesale purchase license will expire immediately. Wholesale purchase license is valid for one year, wholesale purchase licenses are renewable no later than January 15 and are valid for that calendar year. You may still purchase PSR retail products at the current posted retail prices.

    This Is NOT Touch Up Paint
    This Is NOT A Pen
    It Is COMPLETELY Different From Anything You Have Ever Used Before.

    My Invention, "Paintless Scratch Repair" is a state of the art 2 part chemical adhering paint filler. It does what no touch-up can do. If you try to use touch-up paint, the paint will NOT last, it will discolor and will come out of the scratch after polishing, waxing etc.…. The Paintless Scratch Repair Proprietary 2 part formula uses advanced additives and chemicals to stick like glue to road rash, scratches and chipped painted surfaces, while sealing the clear-coat. Giving you a repair that will last the life of the original paint and is almost invisible. There is nothing like it. With years of daily testing in different new car dealerships including, Buick, GMC, Chevy, Ford and Mercedes, nothing has compared to the immense opportunity of the Paintless Scratch repair system. My Paintless Scratch Repair system allows you to make a dramatic difference in the appearance of any vehicle without worry of damaging the vehicle. No need to fear, you do not need spray paint, body work fillers, no masking and taping off areas of the car..... NOPE, none of that is needed. Those days are over...... Paintless Scratch Repair is a paintless, touch up less scratch repair system, that virtually eliminates the need for touch up, and in 90% of scratch damage cases, PSR eliminates the body shop as well.

    But the best part, the part that should excite you the most.... You can earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars daily repairing scratches and road rash from everyday vehicles as easy as eating a sandwich.

    Customers will be begging you to work your magic. Often it seems like magic because this is so easy and so fast that sometimes we have to slow down so the customer doesn't feel over charged. You see, on most vehicles we can literally wipe away road rash and scratches in just a few minutes. This system is so easy it may be more about the completed job then how you got there... Imagine $40-50-60-100 dollars for a few minutes work! The customer loves the finished product but actually wishes we didn’t make it look so easy. Many times we will hear from the customer, “since that one was so easy can you take out this one for free”. Your expertise will be sought because usually the only alternatives are to live with the scratch, or the customer puts blobs of touch-up on it or they go to the body shop and spend big bucks to fix a small scratch.
    And you don't need expensive specialized equipment? No! You could be riding a motorcycle and still have enough room for your tools and supplies.

    It really is a wonderful business.

    Get Started In Your Business Today

    I am looking forward to working with you. I personally work with every dealer
    I make it my life's mission to make you a successful scratch repair specialist.

    Founder Inventor CEO: Craig Perry

    Licensee BENEFITS

      Training and Support: We offer both on a full-time basis.
    • If you need immediate support, call our support staff and we will do our very best to help in any way we can.
    • Have questions, email us all your comments, concerns, questions.
    • Use our help and comment forms.
    • We offer 2 hours of live training here in Florida free with every dealership.
    • We are working on our plans for "Scratch School". You will learn every scratch technique, from simple to full body shop style repair. Plus, coatings sales and application and more.
    • Training manuals, marketing and so much more.
      This "New Dealer" Special Offer Includes Many Bonuses. You will start with all these services.
    • 365 Coating - Once Per Year GUARANTEED Coating. Give your customers a 1-Year guarantee and you will have a customer for life. Huge Income Potential. $10 cost, $129 retail, 30 minutes work.
    • Headlight Refinishing. Some people think this is old news, well they are wrong. This is a valuable service that can save lives. Makes a great add-on.
    • PSR Scratch Repair. This should be your bread and butter. Scratch repair is just getting started in this country.
    • Included with your dealer license are all the products you will need to start earning immediately.
    • What else will you need, basic supplies such as business cards and a phone number.
    • Each dealer package includes enough PSR to repair up to hundreds of scratches.
    • On-Line 24/7 Reordering

    Dealer Licensee 48 State Territory

    $1,500 Plus $39 monthly dealer fee

    • Easy Business
    • Huge Territory
    • Full Support/Training
    • Full Marketing

    Customer testimonials

    Dear Fellow Detail Shop Owner

    I am the owner of a thriving detail business and have owned multiple detail businesses over the last 20 years.
    I now average forty thousand monthly from one location. And fifteen thousand of that is the easiest scratch repair business
    that even a new kid could master with a few hours of training. Yes I did okay before, I was bringing in almost
    twenty-five thousand monthly washing, waxing, and detailing vehicles.

    I have 7 full-time employees located at a new car dealership, but every vehicle takes time, we could only do so many daily,
    so it was almost impossible to do more than twenty-five thousand. My take home yearly was around $100K, but I wanted more.

    Three years ago the shop added paintless scratch repair, it wasn’t until then that I realized how hard I had been working to
    generate that monthly income. Well, the first year I added $170 thousand with PSR, with virtually zero additional overhead
    and an average cost of less than $2.00 per vehicle. I could hardly believe the numbers, a 60% increase in business without
    advertising or adding a single employee. I now look over each vehicle that enters my wash bays and detailing bays and when
    I find scratches I tell the customer. I am earning between $60 and $400 per vehicle for only minutes of work.

    The best part, people want the damage fixed! They just didn’t know there was an alternative to the body shop or blob-on touch up paint.

    Once we explain how the system works, we find that a majority of customers are eager to get the damage removed.
    We have seen an immediate increase in our bottom line by offering Paintless scratch repair and my take home pay increased
    by 1.5 times. So in my opinion, it is absolutely the best $3,600 dollars I have ever spent.

    John F.

    Customer testimonials


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