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Frequently Asked Questions

No! You are under no obligation to purchase minimum amounts, you run your business as you see fit.
This depends upon where you are located and how quickly you can complete the dealer agreement and send it back. But generally shipping time is usually 3 days. Foreign countries can take up to one month.
Our 2 part bonding color and scratch cure (remover) is not used like any paint. Typically paint is applied by brush, roller or spray. Our part 1 bonding color is rubbed on to the damage. This requires our part 2 scratch sealer to chemically seal and bond the the damage. So yes and no, there is paint in the baonding color but you are not painting!
PSR is extremely easy to learn. Repairing scratches are no harder then eating a sandwich. But really, it is just a simple process brush on the bonding color, squeeze on some curing remover polish and use a mini 3 inch buffer or a full size buffer to polish away the excess bonding color. You should be able to pick out repairable scratches, and fix them within a day.
Of course dents, and major damage can not be repaired. Although I recently did a car that was side swiped and had a giant scratch/dent all the way down the side of the car. I did PSR to hide the paint damage. Honestly, it looked 100 times better. But this is not typical. Any wide scratches or deep gouges require a different technique. Which you can learn quickly. We cover many techniques in the training manuals.
That is a trick question, I don't know you, I hope that will change. But you could be a lazy couch potato, and want everything and do nothing. I am not saying you are! But if you are like oneof our dealers Rob, you can 20 cars your first day at $85 each. Or if you are like Adam, you could signup 6 new car dealers in one week and do 12 cars your fist week. It's not that this is hard, because it isn't, but if your brain fights you and yellls STOP You Can't Do This every 2 minutes, then.....

Customer testimonials

Dear Fellow Detail Shop Owner

I am the owner of a thriving detail business and have owned multiple detail businesses over the last 20 years.
I now average forty thousand monthly from one location. And fifteen thousand of that is the easiest scratch repair business
that even a new kid could master with a few hours of training. Yes I did okay before, I was bringing in almost
twenty-five thousand monthly washing, waxing, and detailing vehicles.

I have 7 full-time employees located at a new car dealership, but every vehicle takes time, we could only do so many daily,
so it was almost impossible to do more than twenty-five thousand. My take home yearly was around $100K, but I wanted more.

Three years ago the shop added paintless scratch repair, it wasn’t until then that I realized how hard I had been working to
generate that monthly income. Well, the first year I added $170 thousand with PSR, with virtually zero additional overhead
and an average cost of less than $2.00 per vehicle. I could hardly believe the numbers, a 60% increase in business without
advertising or adding a single employee. I now look over each vehicle that enters my wash bays and detailing bays and when
I find scratches I tell the customer. I am earning between $60 and $400 per vehicle for only minutes of work.

The best part, people want the damage fixed! They just didn’t know there was an alternative to the body shop or blob-on touch up paint.

Once we explain how the system works, we find that a majority of customers are eager to get the damage removed.
We have seen an immediate increase in our bottom line by offering Paintless scratch repair and my take home pay increased
by 1.5 times. So in my opinion, it is absolutely the best $3,600 dollars I have ever spent.

John F.

Customer testimonials


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