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    Our Paintless Scratch Repair Invention is a state of the art 2 part chemical adhering scratch filler
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    Paintless Scratch Repair
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Some facts about us

Zero Recurring Fees
Dealers Worldwide
Used by Ford, Chevy, VW
many others+
1000s Vehicles Repaired

You Too Can Work 3 Hours daily and make a weeks pay

Our Process

Step-1 apply PSR to car body with brush or q-tip (no need to be neat or exact)
Step-2 Squirt a small amount of PSR ScratchCure sealer to the area
Step-3 Buff area to remove excess sealer. (no pressure needed- let the buffer do the work)

Our ScratchBond Filler acts like glue inside the scratch. Won't buff out like touch-up paint will. Repairs last for years.

See How I Got Started & Read The Dealers Testimonials @ The End

I Was Losing Hundreds of dollars daily

Hello my name is Craig Perry, Inventor of Paintless Scratch Repair and founder of Scratch911, inc.

Back in 2001 a good friend was kind enough to teach me the detailing trade. I started my mobile detailing business a few years after, and I immediately started working on a way to capture some of the income I felt I was losing, not repairing damaged vehicles scrapes and scratches. They were everywhere but the best I could do was touch-up paint.

The customer was willing to spend hundreds and sometimes much more to fix keying and other scratch, scrape and chip damage right there on the spot, but touch-up can’t fix anything but small chips. I was not happy with touch up paint, and 90% of customers did not like it either. Touch up paint was extremely difficult to hide, it rarely ever blended with the vehicle, either the color was wrong, the sheen was different, or the touch up looked “blob-ish” and obvious.

The only way to make touch up look like a professional repair was to use professional body shop methods such as sanding, spraying and other time-consuming methods

But the customer was not happy that a “car wash guy” was using “sand paper ” on the paint. I could hardly blame them, I don’t think I would like someone who washes cars sanding my paint on my new car. It became, don’t tell if they don’t ask. Quite frankly as you know it is a bit dangerous to sand the clearcoat, if you sand too much and breakthrough the clearcoat you will need a body shop to re-spray the area.

Clearcoat is only as thick as a cigarette cellophane wrapper.

So I started experimenting with chemicals to smooth out the blobs of touch up that sat on top of the paint, but 95% of the time either I removed all of the touch up or left too much behind. I also found that touch up paint just did not have the correct properties to bite in to the repair and stay. After a short while the touch up would start to flake, discolor and look worse than ever. I also had to be careful when buffing the vehicle, the touch up was very vulnerable and could easily be removed by the buffer. The idea hit me one day by accident, I was using touch up paint but I could not find my very fine artist brush that I normally use. I had to use the big fat brush that came with the touch up. The brush put on so much paint, I quickly wiped it off with my finger. That is when I had my "Ah Ha" moment and knew I was on the correct path. In life we may know what we want, but getting it maybe easier said then done. I just needed to create a paint or chemical that would stay in the scratch even when buffed. I did not want to mix paints and mess with touch-up formulas, so I needed a paint that could blend in to most colors like a chameleon, virtually replacing thousands of colors, I needed a system that would seal the scratch not just fill it, plus a system that would be easy to use.

everyone said it was impossible.

There were times I started to believe that it was impossible. Over a decade later and thousands of tests and formula variations I am proud to say that my ScratchBond Filler Chameleon Black and ScratchCure Sealer is everything I dreamt it would be and more. My scratch repair system is incredible! When I go to new car dealers and demonstrate the PSR system, I get reactions like “Holly C***”, “Are you kidding me”, “Amazing”, I’m not exaggerating here one bit. We are being used daily by Ford, GMC, Buick, Chevy, VW, Mercedes and other dealerships and are now international. We have spread to multiple states and our goal is to be available to every consumer.

I am offering a HUGE bundle of bonuses to detailers, I invite you to get our complete information package and video to see for yourself.

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This Is NOT Touch Up Paint
This Is NOT A Pen
It Is COMPLETELY Different From Anything You Have Ever Used Before.

My Invention, "Paintless Scratch Repair" is a state of the art 2 part chemical adhering paint filler. It does what no touch-up can do. If you try to use automotive paint, or touch-up paint, the paint will NOT last, it will discolor and will come out of the scratch after polishing, waxing etc.…. The Paintless Scratch Repair Proprietary 2 part formula uses advanced additives and chemicals to stick like glue to road rash, scratches and chipped painted surfaces, while sealing the scratch. Giving you a repair that will last the life of the original paint and is almost invisible. There is nothing like it. With years of daily testing in different new car dealerships including, Buick, GMC, Chevy, Ford and Mercedes, nothing has compared to the immense opportunity of the Paintless Scratch repair system. My Paintless Scratch Repair system allows you to make a dramatic difference in the appearance of any vehicle without worry of damaging the vehicle. No need to fear, you do not need spray paint, body work fillers, no masking and taping off areas of the car..... NOPE, none of that is needed. Typical automotive touch up paints have been brushed, dabbed, and dotted onto the surface of scratched or chipped automotive paints for decades, We have accepted them because there aren’t any alternatives. Touch up paint looks like a blob that doesn’t even come close to a shadow/sheen match, texture match or gloss match.

To make matters worse, polishing of the painted surface often results in removal of any touch up paint, such that the scratch or chip remains visible. We have all seen touch-up, heck you can see touch-up from a mile away. Touch-up paint is not a DIY project for inexperienced users. Even professionals find it impossible to hide touch up repairs. Matching the gloss, color and shine of modern automotive paint systems has proven difficult if not impossible with conventional touch up paint systems. Typically, repairs of scratches and chips in modern clear coat paints require that the entire body panel be repainted to blend the shine and color together. Those days are over...... Paintless Scratch Repair is a paintless, touch up less scratch repair system, that virtually eliminates the need for touch up, and in 90% of scratch damage cases, PSR eliminates the body shop as well.

But the best part, the part that should excite you the most.... You can earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars daily repairing scratches and road rash from everyday vehicles as easy as eating a sandwich.

Customers will be begging you to work your magic. Often it seems like magic because this is so easy and so fast that sometimes we have to slow down so the customer doesn't feel over charged. You see, on most vehicles we can literally wipe away road rash and scratches in just a few minutes. This system is so easy it may be more about the completed job then how you got there... Imagine $40-50-60-100 dollars for a few minutes work! The customer loves the finished product but actually wishes we didn’t make it look so easy. Many times we will hear from the customer, “since that one was so easy can you take out this one for free”.

Your expertise will be sought because usually the only alternatives are to live with the scratch, or the customer puts blobs of touch-up on it or they go to the body shop and spend big bucks to fix a small scratch.
And you don't need expensive specialized equipment? No! You could be riding a motorcycle and still have enough room for your tools and supplies.

It really is a wonderful business.

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Failure Is Not A Destination Just A Layover

Founder Inventor CEO: Craig Perry

What is included

Why choose us

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We pride ourselves on our ability to offer technical support within minutes- If you have pressing issues- and you need help immediately- call Scratch-911 and we be glad to help We also offer other forms of support for those not so urgent times- Contact form- Skype Chat- and of course e-mail

!We are here to support you

As part of your dealer licensee package you receive PSR training. Many licensees opt for live training- We train in Florida- the Tampa Bay area and the typical hands on training is 4 hours of live training at a Scratch911 shop-

Work anywhere in the lower 48 states- no territory restrictions- Excludes Alaska and Hawaii-

We have one dealer that uses the kit to travel- He pays for his travels with a scratch repair here and a scratch repair there

This simplifies life- Order 24/7 pay with your credit card- Track orders- view previous orders and more

Simple is best

Marketing & Selling PSR

Confidence in you abilities and in your business
can set you far above the herd

Why choose Paintless scratch repair

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People have perceptions about your business- if they see a cheap home-made flier or poorly laid-out business card the customer will immediately think you are not professional- The last thing you want is the potential customer questioning herself whether you are going to do a good job or run off with her money

!Yes first impressions matter

Professional well designed marketing materials do the selling for you- Today we need all the help we can get customers want answers and they want them now

With a professional look you will win over the customer and answer most questions before she has to ask

Look professional and feel professional- Many dealers have told us that the paper work has sold the job- That is a very nice complement- But the truth is- it was your confidence partially garnered by your professional appearance that actually sold the job

I personally have not hired companies because the paper work is ugly- The truck is filthy and the uniforms are either non-existent or dirty-

Dealers Are Finding Niche Markets in many areas- New car dealers are eating this up- Used car dealers can be very lucrative- Traveling the area parking lots and business shopping centers leaving behind business cards and fact/sales sheets-

And of course detailers are able to do less cleaning while earning greater profits-

Dealers are using flea markets to demonstrate PSR and finding more business then they can do in a day-

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Some benefits

The Time Has Never Been Better To Join Us

Private Label

We are now offering all of our products as private label, your name logo and custom label


The scratch repair and paint restoration industry is growing, and you can grow with it

Paint Restoration Products

We are always inventing and formulating new EXCLUSIVE products for our licensees

Income Opportunity

Offering small business owners the opportunity to add new revenue streams

Licensee Options
Dealer Licensee Package options:

$2999 $149 yearly renewal. This package receives these bonuses Bonuses


Our current bonus offers, click "Bonuses" above to view any available. Save over $600 on $3600 package

Master Dealer Exclusive Rights To Many Countries

$25k (Dealer Fee $25K )
Plus product
$1200 yearly Renewal

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  • Wholesale Pricing
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Sales Affiliate Earn Large Commissions

15%+ Every Sale

  • Residual Income
  • Zero Investment
  • Local. Web. Radio.
    Direct Mail. Overseas.
  • Background check
    Credit Approval Required

Dealer Licensee 48 State Territory

$3,600 On Sale Save $600/ Pmts Avil

  • Easy Business
  • Huge Territory
  • Full Support/Training
  • Full Marketing

Customer testimonials

Dear Fellow Detail Shop Owner

I am the owner of a thriving detail business and have owned multiple detail businesses over the last 20 years.
I now average forty thousand monthly from one location. And fifteen thousand of that is the easiest scratch repair business
that even a new kid could master with a few hours of training. Yes I did okay before, I was bringing in almost
twenty-five thousand monthly washing, waxing, and detailing vehicles.

I have 7 full-time employees located at a new car dealership, but every vehicle takes time, we could only do so many daily,
so it was almost impossible to do more than twenty-five thousand. My take home yearly was around $100K, but I wanted more.

Three years ago the shop added paintless scratch repair, it wasn’t until then that I realized how hard I had been working to
generate that monthly income. Well, the first year I added $170 thousand with PSR, with virtually zero additional overhead
and an average cost of less than $2.00 per vehicle. I could hardly believe the numbers, a 60% increase in business without
advertising or adding a single employee. I now look over each vehicle that enters my wash bays and detailing bays and when
I find scratches I tell the customer. I am earning between $60 and $400 per vehicle for only minutes of work.

The best part, people want the damage fixed! They just didn’t know there was an alternative to the body shop or blob-on touch up paint.

Once we explain how the system works, we find that a majority of customers are eager to get the damage removed.
We have seen an immediate increase in our bottom line by offering Paintless scratch repair and my take home pay increased
by 1.5 times. So in my opinion, it is absolutely the best $3,600 dollars I have ever spent.

John F.

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